The Big Bang Theory

Air date : 2016-09-19
Season : 10

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The Conjugal Conjecture
The Military Miniaturization
The Dependence Transcendence
The Cohabitation Experimentation
The Hot Tub Contamination
The Fetal Kick Catalyst
The Veracity Elasticity
The Brain Bowl Incubation
The Geology Elevation
The Property Division Collision
The Birthday Synchronicity
The Holiday Summation
The Romance Recalibration
The Emotion Detection Automation
The Locomotion Reverberation
The Allowance Evaporation
The Comic-Con Conundrum
The Escape Hatch Identification
The Collaboration Fluctuation
The Recollection Dissipation
The Separation Agitation
The Cognition Regeneration
The Gyroscopic Collapse
The Long Distance Dissonance